The Archery as a sport at present

In our previous article we talked about the history of archery in the ancient world, and we saw the huge importance that had as a weapon for hunting and for war, but with the discovery of firearms (although early guns were less effective than bows) is needed less time to train someone in the use of these that in the bow, so the firearms began to relegate the archers on the battlefield, then go by improving the firearms the bow was becoming obsolete.

The Archery as a sport at present

The sport of archery

But archery is too much fun and exciting as to disappear, and continued its journey become a popular sport. Already at a time as far back as the sixteenth-century England king Henry VIII established the archery as official sport in England.

In more modern times when the Olympic Games were reinstated the archery formed part of the Olympic Games of 1900, however at that time there was no international body to regulate the sport and each country had its own regulations, so it was practically impossible to organize world championship.

olimpic archery

The archery as an Olympic sport

For this reason the archery was suspended as an Olympic sport, however in the year 1931 seven countries founded the FITA (from the French Fédération Internationale de Tir à l’Arc), nowadays called WA (World Archery) and they asked the international Olympic committee that included again the archery as an Olympic sport, which did not occur until the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972.

archery competition

Since then the archery has been present in all the editions of the Olympic Games held.

The Sport of Archery today

Aside of the Olympic archery, what we might call professional sport, archery at the present time it has been a great boom, developed on the one hand new types of bows as the compound bow, improving with new materials and new techniques Olympic bows, reaching an accuracy never before imagined and taking increasing force traditional bows, adding to its traditional building new materials and giving them a quality never before thought.

compound bow

We must mention, really be a true innovation of our time in the millennial world of archery, compound bows. These bows were invented in 1960 in the United States by Wilbur Allen Holless basically it has 2 pulleys and cables. The use of this levering system allows the archer to hold the string at full draw for much longer when compared to recurve bows. This bows are extremely accurate.

At the same time that the bows have evolved so have the arrows, leaving the wood for the modalities of traditional archery and manufactured in aluminum and carbon for the precision.


Also have emerged new varieties of competitions, such as the 3D Archery, practiced in the nature and shooting arrows at targets with shapes of animals.

International Associations of Archery

All these new modalities have emerged under new international agencies that are providing great diversity to the world of archery, apart from the WA already mentioned, highlight the IFAA (International Field Archery Association) and IBO (International bowhunting Organization) among others.

3D archery

In our blog archery, we will explain in successive post the different types of bow, the various forms of competitions and the regulations of the various international associations of archery.

Archery App

As we have already pointed out in other articles, archery is a sport of 5 stars and if you still do not know him from NosMola recommend it without any doubt.

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