International Archery Associations

In our archery blog we are going to summarize what are the major international archery associationsAs already mentioned in our previous post: “The Archery as a sport at present” after the first Olympic Games of the Modern Era, the archery disappeared as an Olympic sport due to the absence of a unified international regulations.

International Archery Associations

At that time each country had its own rules and was therefore impossible to organize international competitions, as the way to practice archery in each country was totally different.

To solve this problem was founded the FITA that launched the first bases to unify the rules of competition of archery as a sport and allowed, as we saw, that the archery back to be olympic sport.

With the passing of the years, have appeared new ways of practicing this sport, there have invented new types of bows (the compound bow), have become to recreate and use primitive and historical bows that were not used in ages and also have appeared new forms of competition, such as 3D, bowhunting and more.

International Archery AssociationsMain archery associations

To accommodate all the different types of bows and archery competitions have arisen a number of international archery associations, these are the main ones:

World Archery (WA)

The above-mentioned FITA changed its name to World Archery (WA) in the year 2011. This organization was founded in 1931 in Poland, in the origin was founded by 7 countries (United States, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Sweden). currently consists of 150 countries participating through national archery associations in each country.

Archery Associations World Archery

World Archery is founded under the principles of olympism and as we said the archery returned to be olympic sport at the request of this association, which unified the rules and format of the competitions in order to participate.

Disciplines of the World Archery

The disciplines of archery that contemplates the WA are: Outdoor Archery, Indoor Archery, 3D Archery, Field Archery, Para-Archery, Ski Archery, Run Archery, Flight Archery

World Archery

International Field Archery Association (IFAA)

The International Field Archery Association, commonly known by his initials (IFAA) was founded in 1970 by a group of archers from the United States, Scotland, Wales, Canada, England and Sweden. These archers were practitioners of the discipline of field archery and joined together to create a few basic rules with which they could compete in the field archery.


IFAA currently brings together more than 50,000 archers from 40 countries from all continents.

The IFAA has a more open philosophy, with slogans such as “the world family of archers” or “the archery for all” is intended to be the association which welcomes all the archers, a little further from the “professional sport” is intended to make the archery a fun sport in which everyone is welcome.

Disciplines of the IFAA

Basically at the IFAA disciplines there are 3 types of competitions: Field, Bowhunter and Indoor. Within these competitions defines 12 different types of arch and different types of targets according to the competition, whether paper or animal figures in 3D.

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)


The NFAA is an association that brings together the field archers in the United States, founded in 1939 this association is of great importance by having nearly 1000 archery clubs affiliated to it and organize a large number of tournaments with a large attendance of participants. Especially emphasizes the event “The Las Vegas Shoot” in Las Vegas.

At present, the NFAA is integrated into the IFAA.

International Bowhunting Organization (IBO)

The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) is an association created in 1984 to promote bow hunting as a sport. Their motto is to promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting. It was created by a group of bow hunters concerned about the conservation and preservation of wildlife.


The IBO world championship was established In 1989, a series of tournaments are organized around the world, in which the various participants can be classified to compete in a grand final. Globally there are now hundreds of affiliate hunting clubs that organize tournaments qualifiers for the grand final.

The IBO tournaments are done on IBO targets that consist of 2D or 3D type animal targets, which are placed at unknown distances.
3d archers

Other archery associations

There are many archery associations at worldwide, in this post we have exposed the most important representative of each archery philosophy, greatly simplifying we could summarize that the WA deals with the more “professional sport” and has its leading exponent in the Olympic Games. The IFAA is the association that welcomes amateur archers (although it also welcomes professionals archers) IFAA has an open philosophy to all types of archers to practice all forms of archery and have fun with it and finally the IBO is more oriented to the bow hunters.

From NosMola give only 4.5 stars because these associations sometimes just not empathize at all between each other to work together for the archery.

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In any case whatever your archery philosophy certainly you will find the appropriate association for you. And with Archery Analysis app, you can score and save your data to improve and enjoy with the archery sport.

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