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Archery Analysis is an archery app, is developed as a Web application and designed to facilitate the practice of archery. Easily with your mobile you can score on all shots either archery training or competition and then analyze them comfortably on your personal computer or tablet, so this app for archery works on any device and is valid for all types of archery, you only need an internet connection.

Archery app

In NosMola we are fan of archery, we practice archery for years and we have participated in all kinds of competitions, both friendly and officers.

Archery Analysis, an archery app made ​​by and for archers

In all these years we have been using different apps for archery in our smartphones, but none had all the requirements we were looking for daily use of an archery app, because existing applications or are very uncomfortable to use for scoring, then do not allow viewing data comfortably on the computer or are so complex that make them inviable for daily use of an archery app.

Therefore we decided to develop our own archery app, and thus Archery Analysis was born, an application made by and for archer, for all type of archery.

Archery app

Archery Analysis is a web app for archer

The first thing to keep in mind between the characteristics of Archery Analysis is that it is a web app. We decided to do it this way because we believe it offers several advantages for archer compared to native apps for smartphone.

First of all the archers can use this archery app whatever their smartphone model and the operating system they have installed, only need to have Internet access.

As Archery analysis is a web app, the archer can note his scores on the archery field and when he gets home can watch them on his computer or on his tablet, always keeping his scores and historical ratings fully updated, because the data is stored on our servers, ensuring access them from anywhere and at any time of day or night, archer just need to connect to the web.

Archery Analysis Features

Among the features that the Archery Analysis app includes are:

  • Clear and simple interface to note down of the scores on the phone screen quickly and easily
  • Setts different types of bows with all its components, riser, limbs, strings, etc.
  • Sets different types of arrows, shafts, points, fletching.
  • Define the bow and arrow by default.
  • Supports all standard target, field and 3D round.
  • You can share your scores with your friends in real time during a competition, whether they participate or not, just need to be all in the implementation.
  • You can create custom rounds
  • Supports IFA, WA, IBO and NFAA
  • Geolocation of your events
  • Save and storage all your events and shot data
  • Many more features, which you can discover by registering for free on this great archery app.

Archery Analysis Release

Archery Analysis is already working, log-in for free and use this archery app in all your archery events.

Archery App

We hope this archery app get your 5 star rating, from NosMola works with that intention.

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