Differences between a Web App and a native app

In this article in our blog we are going to try to explain what are the advantages and disadvantages and the

differences between a Web App and a native App or mobile app.

differences between a Web App and a native App or mobile app

In NosMola we are dedicated to the development of applications and when we have a new project between hands sometimes arises a question about which is better a native application (or mobile app) or a Web application. The answer is never easy because both types of applications have advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Web App?

A Web App is a software that runs in a web browser. Access to the server may be via the Internet or via an intranet. The web application (or Web App) can be made using any of the many existing programming languages.

Advantages of Web App

The advantages of a web app are many, in the first place are truly multiplatform, they will work on any device, either a mobile, a tablet or any desktop computer, and irrespective of the software or the browser that this has. Only they need to have connection to the Internet (or intranet if is the case).

What is a Web App?

As the Web App works through the browser, download it is not necessary and therefore will have an immediacy of access that can not be achieved with locally installed applications, since they work if we have previously downloaded them and configured.

As it is not necessary to download software to your smartphone or computer on which you want to use it, do not take up space on your device, very important thing nowadays where the pictures and music in the smartphone space is becoming increasingly scarce.

The Web apps usually have less memory requirements than desktop apps or the mobile applications.

Besides the Web App will typically less performance problems than locally installed apps, it is harder that our smartphone freezes up.

Summarizing the Web App or mobile applications are very versatile because they work on all devices and require less space requirements and memory that mobile applications or native.

Our Archery Analysis application is a mobile application for these reasons, because we want all archers can use this archery app quickly and easily whatever the smartphone they own.

Finally the web app can be compiled into a sort of native app, although in reality does not cease to be an embedded web on the device with a look more similar to that of a native app.

What is a Native App?

What is a Native App?

A native app is an app that has been developed to run on a computer or on a given platform. That is a software that will run on your computer without any external support, is an app developed in native programming language for each device.

Normally the term native app is more related to mobile applications, since they are the ones that have been developed to operate with a specific operating system, such as iOS or Android for example.

Developers have to create a different version for each operating system and sometimes for each model of smartphone in particular. The native app is installed directly on your smartphone and save your data in the same device, although it can sometimes be linked to a server and save the data in remote.

Advantages of a Native App

The advantages of the Native App are seen in its own definition, they being developed specifically for a particular platform, design and usability will be very good, also they can more easily interact with the devices of the smartphone as a camera or accelerometer for example.

Of course it has the advantage of being able to function fully off-line regardless of whether the device has an internet connection or not.

Although this last in a web app can also be possible, for example in Archery Analysis if where we are going to use there is no internet connection, with loading the page and open the round in a place with internet connection (for example at home before going out to shoot with the bow) will be enough and we can use it on a site without internet connection without problems.

Native App vs. Web App

 Conclusion on the Native App vs. Web App

In conclusion, both types of apps have advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the purpose that you have the application will be more advisable to develop one or the other. In any case usability and optimal application performance whatever it is the type of app, ultimately depend on the developer´s skill to get the application either a web app or a native App properly fulfill its function.

In NosMola we are developers of apps and we always try that all of our applications get 5 stars from users, because they are satisfied with our apps, ultimately, is what it is all about.

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